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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to fax my authorization form?

We also accept emailed authorization forms. Let us know which you will be using.

What products aren't shipped internationally?

We cannot ship the following brands internationally whatsoever:

  • Es
  • Emerica
  • Etnies
  • Altamont
  • Nixon
  • Incase
  • Nike

Brands with exceptions:

  • Penny cannot ship to Australia
  • New Balance can ship internationally to Canada only

How much will duty and tax fees be if I'm ordering outside of the United States?

We do not know as each country is different and these fees constantly change. We recommend contacting your local post office or UPS/FedEx to get a rough estimate on duties and tax fees.

I'm an international customer and need to return an item.

Please understand that depending on the reason for the return, you may be responsible for any and all fees associated with the return. If you still wish to return the item, please fill out the return form and send it back with your return item. Please feel free to email us to confirm whether or not all costs will be your responsibility.

Download Return Form

Do you guys sponsor?

We are not currently offering sponsorships.

Do you guys sell large quantities or wholesale?

No, we are strictly a retail shop. We sell all of our products for personal/individual use only.

Can you guys send me some stickers?

We definitely can! We just need you to send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope* in the mail. Once we receive that, we will stuff it full of stickers and mail it back to you!

*This means you need to put an envelope with one or two stamps and your address on it into another envelope. That way, we can put stickers in that second envelope and send that out to you.

Send your envelopes to:

Skate Warehouse
747 Buckley Road
San Luis Obispo, Ca, 93401

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