Unheard is a skateboard distribution company based in Portland, Oregon supporting the following brands: Lifeblood Skateboards, Bacon Skateboards, Merde Skateboards, 11:11 Bearings, The Portland Wheel Company, Type-S, Jessup Griptape and ACE Trucks.

This board was produced in North America by PS Stix. Over the past twenty-five years lifelong skateboarder and master craftsman “Professor” Paul Schmitt has constructed superior skateboards for numerous premium brands and his proprietary designs have directly affected millions of skateboarders throughout the world. PS Stix decks have been performance-proven over the past two and a half decades and have unquestionably established a benchmark of quality craftsmanship by which all other manufactured skateboards are measured.

The Unheard Logo Skateboard Deck in 8.25x32 comes with free Skate Warehouse Die Cut or Jessup Griptape. In some cases, background colors may vary.

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