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Flip Skateboards is a U.S. based international skateboard company created by Jeremy Fox, Ian Deacon and Geoff Rowley in 1994. Flip Skateboards was originally created in the early 1990s in England as a sister company to Death Box Skateboards and was also the successor to Bash Skateboards. Flip's very first skate team included Christian Heitmann, who was also their very first pro, Elton Whybrow, Chris Weinekker, Ivan Jenson and Luke McKirdy. Geoff Rowley was born in Liverpool, England, and began skateboarding at the age of 12. His first sponsor, in 1994 was Death Box Skateboards. Ian Deacon, born in England, moved to the US in 1994. He began his skateboarding career in 1980 in a town called Brighton. Brighton is known as Pig City, a slight on the infamous Dog Town in California. Many notable skaters came out of Brighton, including Mark Baker, Simon Levene, Steve Kellner, Don Brown and Justin Ashby. It was during 1989 that Deacon and Jermey Fox began Bash Skateboards, a division of Death Box, a company Fox had already created. Bash would eventually turn into Flip and in 1993 Death Box and Flip Skateboards merged. In 1994 the guys moved Flip Skateboards to the states. Flip has gone on to become one of the biggest and most well known skateboard companies worldwide. Over the years notable team members with Flip have included Bob Burnquist, Tom Penny, Rune Glifberg, Lance Mountain, Ali Boulala, Luan de Oliveira, David Gonzalez, Andrew Langi and Arto Saari. NHS Distribution distributes Flip Skateboards.