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Bones Skateboard Bearings set the standard by which all other bearings are measured. In 1991 George A. Powell, after having left Powell Peralta, began Bones Bearings. Early on Powell saw the need for fast bearings and began searching for the fastest bearings at an affordable price. Powell went to Switzerland, where bearings were being made to roll faster then he had ever seen. He worked with Swiss manufacturers to optimize the bearing. He switched from standard stamped metal ball retainers to the high speed precision molded plastic that were easily removable with one shield off, adjusted tolerances and clearances, combined side and vertical loads, and replaced the typical lubricant with his own Bones Skateboard Bearings Speed Cream to create the Bones Skateboard Bearings that we know now. In 2008 Bones Skateboard Bearings proudly celebrated 25 years of business. Powell also owns Bones Wheels. Currently Skate One, a company that's been around since 1976, distributes Bones Bearings.
Bones Bearings