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Since 1990, John Lucero has been the owner of Black Label Skateboards, located in Huntington Beach, California. Never be bought. Never be sold, that's the Black Label way. A long time great within the skateboard industry, John Lucero has been creating graphics for skateboards since the 1980s. Lucero began his skating career in late 1979 and sponsor-hopped throughout the 80s and 90s with companies like G&S, Variflex, Santa Cruz, Madrid, and Schmitt Stix. His first graphic, a skull with bat wings and bone lettering was done in 1982 for Variflex. His Jester board with Madrid, which came out in 1985, was one of the first stained-veneer boards ever made through a vacuum-dyed process and is Madrid's best selling board to date. In the late 80s Lucero started a business called Lucero Ltd. He switched the name to Black Label Skateboards in 1990. Distributed under Blitz Distribution.
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