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11.6.13 Dominique W.

Dear sk8tewarehouse team Thank you so much for the rapid shipment. The clothes and the other stuff are just awesome. It only went 3 days until the package was there. I just wanted to say that your international service is one of the best I know. Greetings from the Swiss mountains Dominique Wullschleger :D

10.25.13 Jonathan O.

Hello, I am writing to say thanks to Corinna and the rest of your ordering department that took the time to look at my order and contact me with some questions about some of the things that I had ordered. The questions showed that someone was paying attention to my order and could have possibly kept myself or another consumer from making a mistake. I truly appreciate this considering the fact that I have recently lost the local skate shop, and was hesitant to shop online. I wanted to take the time to thank you for level of customer service and to say that Corinna was extremely helpful and courteous! Please Keep up the Good, us old Skaters appreciate it! Oh yeah, one more thing! Try and get some of the Mini Street Axes in! Thanks again! Jonathan

9.27.13 Timmy M.

I'd like to say that you guys are great. There's a huge selection, cheap prices, and easy interface. The customer support are great. They're friendly, reliable, and fast. I really enjoy this website.

9.12.13 Jesse L.

So first of all I wanted to thank you guys on the great service. You guys are prompt on sending confirmation and follow up emails. Unlike other clothing/shoe companies you guys ship out the SAME DAY the order is placed. Overnight shipping came exactly when it was supposed to. No doubt in my mind I'm going to order my shoes and clothes from you guys. Thanks again!

9.4.13 Colleen G

I would just like to let you know that in this age of online purchases I truly appreciated being treated like a valued customer rather than a credit card number. Your customer service was over and above any that I have seen in years. When we ordered, you could have simply boxed up our order and shipped it, but instead took it upon yourselves to contact us to offer a better deal and suggestions for more compatible parts. I would like to thank your company for not getting lost in the age of technology, and especially Angelena and Kristina for all their patience, suggestions, and time. My son will definately tell all his skating friends to order through your company! Colleen, Alberta, Canada

8.7.13 Sandor S.

Hello Angelena! Just to let you know, we have been ordering boards from you all for some time now and we really think you're the best. Too many companies send out e-mails which one cannot respond to, but yours have a person such as yourself behind the e-mails, and we know that when we write back to your company with the respond button, that the message is going to a flesh and blood human being, and this makes all the difference to any transaction. Have a wonderful day, Sandy