The Stereo Vinyl Cruiser 78a Black/White Swirl Wheels were inspired by three things: music, skateboarding, and fun. Stereo's creative roots trace back one of its original inspirations: American Jazz & Blues music and the rich style, design, and culture that went with it. Stereo owners Jason Lee and Chris Pastras started out riding what are affectionately called "Banana Boards" as early as 1979 and now, after professional skateboarding careers spanning two decades, they still enjoy riding their collectible versions, which inspired the "Vinyl Series" wheels today. Anyone who loves to skateboard, will find them just plain fun to roll on. At Stereo Skateboards, they want you to feel what they've been experiencing for the past 20 years... a cruiser board under your feet, music, skateboarding, and having fun the whole time. Stereo Vinyl Cruiser 78a Wheels come with 608zz ABEC7 bearings. Bearings included. Available in colorways as seen below. Sizes available as seen below.


  • 78a
  • Cruiser wheel
  • 608zz ABEC7 bearings
  • Wheels sold in set of four