JIVARO is a homegrown wheel brand focused on fun and function and quality over quantity. Spawned and based in Portland since 2006, JIVARO is, was, and will always be 100% skater-owned and operated. All of their skateboard wheels are of the highest-grade Creative urethane and made in the U.S. of A. All other merch printed, fabbed, and grabbed in the DIY Republic of Portland, Oregon. If boredom or hardship threaten your daily sanity, try JIVARO.

Savage wheels from the Northwest! In search of the never ending party, the Jivaro Conquistador 101a Wheels prove once-and-for-all that skateboarding is not a sport. Free associate with JIVARO's break neck speed or check your shorts. Their disease will make you well.


  • Graphics at one side
  • 58mm 
  • 101a
  • Standard