Bones Wheels

Bones STF Smith Strummer V1 Wheels


The Bones STF Smith Strummer V1 Wheels are specifically formulated for what you skate. The Smith Wheels are made with the Bones Street Tech Formula, giving you more slide-ability and way less flat spots. Made in the U.S. at the Bones factory in Santa Barbara, California, they're skater engineered and designed, Fernandez style. Graphics at one side. Sizes available as seen below. Wheels sold in set of four.


  • Formula: STF
  • Shape: V1
  • Color: White
  • Surface: Treaded


  • Lip Radius: 0.25''
  • Bearing Placement: Center-set/reversible
  • Skating Style: Classic street
  • Comments: Versatile, stable, durable
  • Best all around performance