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The Ether Collection by Von Zipper is a full frontal assault on frames being technical without losing design creativity and edge. Here's where the rubber hits the road. If you wanna rip, have lots of grip, with no slip, Von Zipper's RGNS System features rubber nose pads and temple tips. These lightweight frames with pop-n-lock hinges simplify the construction and make them more flexible and durable, so you can compete without looking or being beat. Burn your training bra and toss your jockstrap out the window... The sunglass playbook has been written.

The Von Zipper Hammerlock Sunglasses are like hammer-time minus the pants. Lock up the bad goys, theres a new pair of shades in town. You may think having one arm tied behind your back is a disadvantage, but not if you're Trevor Bayne. The Von Zipper team was happy to welcome Mr. Bayne as one of their NASCAR pros when they launched the Ethel line, allowing him and the Hammerlock to become the best of besties forever. The Surplex features VZ detailing throughout. Available in colorways as seen below.


  • Proud part of VZ Ether Collection
  • 100% UV protection
  • Base 8 spherical lens
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate lens
  • RGNS System Molded rubber nose tabs and temples
  • Nylon gilamid frame
  • Corrosion free pop-n-lock cam hinges
  • Trevor Bayne signature frame
  • Gender neutral design
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Next generation styling
  • Made in Italy


VZ Hammerlock Black Gloss/Grey Lens
Black Gloss
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VZ Hammerlock Black Satin/Grey Lens
Black Satin
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VZ Hammerlock Daytona/Lunar Chrome Lens
Daytona/Lunar Chrome
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VZ Hammerlock Tortoise Satin/Bronze Lens
Tortoise/Bronze Lens
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