The time has come, and Von Zipper knows it. Introducing the Von Zipper Clutch Glass Polarized Sunglasses, a part of Von Zipper's move into the high end, totally legit sunglass market. Von Zipper uses the most progressive polarized technology available to protect your eyes from the dangers of UV rays and glare distortion. All VZ polarized lenses feature a thin, glaricade polarization filter that only allows light waves to enter the lens at certain key angles, giving you the crucial optical clarity you need with none of the distorting glare.

Combine this with unparalleled lenses, featuring superior distortion elimination, and premium UV protection, and what do you get? More vivid colors and the ultimate in visual acuity. Von Zipper's premium Light/Sight Glass Polarized lenses combine the optical superiority of glass with the skill and technical artistry it takes to block 99.9% of glare white maintaining true colors and ulta sharp details. Light/Sight Glass lenses are also thinner and 20% lighter than traditional glass lenses. VZ has struck a balance between computerized procedures for precise tolerances and the hands-on love and care that comes from hand polishing and finishing. This is how you achieve visual enlightenment. VZ logo on temples. Available in colorways as seen below.

Spec. Techs:

  • Unmatched, full-spectrum glare elimination
  • 99.9% polarizing efficiency
  • Glaricade polarizing filter
  • Barberini TM premium precision glass
  • 20% thinner and lighter then standard glass lenses
  • Maximum optical clarity
  • Color balanced lenses
  • Impact resistant
  • Distortion free vision
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Kickback Coatings for water and scratch resistancy

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