The Type-S goal has been to design a version of a skateboard wheel that had more than looks, graphics, and function, and applying what they tested into their own creation of what they feel really works in a skateboard wheel. Type-S has taken decades of their own skating experiences with the combination of years of research and development to design these functional, yet proper skateboard wheels with added details only people who really skate understand and notice. The Type-S Tony Hawk Legend 98a Wheels are loaded with wheel madness. Sports graphics on both sides over white urethane. Sizes available as seen below. Available in colorways as seen below.


  • All Terrain Urethane
  • New 151 Formula
  • New 'V" Shape
  • High Quality Urethane
  • New Core Design
  • Dual Durometer
  • Bigger Riding Surface for More Grip
  • 60mm, 98A, RS22
  • Designed & Approved by Tony Hawk

Colors are limited to specific size. See colors below for correlating size.

Wheels sold in set of four.


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