Theeve TiKing v3 Trucks

Theeve TiKing v3 Trucks

$32.99 each
Theeve TiKing v3 5.0 Truck 7.75" Raw
In Stock: Yes
Price: $32.99
  • Color: Raw
  • Truck Sizes: 7.75"

The TiKING boasts the same strength, durability, and dexterity that is Theeve Trucks, only with a hollow steel kingpin. Granted Theeve True Turn Geometry, the TiKING provides for a superior kingpin to hanger ratio, guaranteeing solid truck life, and meaning it grinds probably better than any other truck on the market. Classic cast hanger and baseplate, non-slip 6/4 titanium axle, hollow steel kingpins, hardcore bushings 55mm high to center of axle. Truck royalty. Theeve logo on baseplate. 


  • Hollow Chromoly kingpins
  • Non-slip titanium axles
  • Hardcore Bushings
  • Theeve True Turn geometry 

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