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Steve Rocco. Some hate him, some love him. One thing that we can agree on is that without Rocco in the mix modern street skateboarding would not be the way it is today. Rocco single handedly flipped the industry upside down and revolutionized the way skateboarding business was done. From the obscene graphics on World Industries boards to the outrageous content of Big Brother Magazine; Rocco surprised us all and had more fun than anybody else while doing it.

Featuring appearances by: Steve Rocco, Rodney Mullen, Jason Lee, Jeremy Klein, Jesse Martinez, Daewon Song, Natas Kaupas, Danny Way, Mark Gonzales, Mike Carroll, Pat Duffy, Kris Markovich, Jovontae Turner, Marc McKee, Chris Pastras, Daniel Castillo, Wee Man, Jeff Tremaine, John Lucero, Johnny Knoxville, Per Holknekt, Randy Colvin, Rich Novak, Rick Kosick, Ron Chatman, Rudy Johnson, Sean Cliver, Shiloh Greathouse, Steve Berra, Tim Gavin, Bill Weiss, Brian Lotti, Chet Thomas, Chico Brenes, Clyde Singleton, Colin McKay, Dave Swift, Don Brown, Ed Templeton, Fausto Vitello, Fletcher Dragge, James Craig, Jason Dill, Jeremy Fox, Keith Cochrane, Kevin Harris, Larry Balma, Larry Flynt, Matt Pritchard, Mike Smith, Paul Machnau, Paul Schmitt, Per Welinder, Ronnie Creager, Ryan Sheckler, Sal Barbier, Tod Swan, Earl Parker, Tony Magnussen, & more...

Bonus Features: Steve Rocco Audio Commentary, Edit Room Draw, Censorship, Skateboarding Is Dead, Crap Ass Cameras, The Worst of Big Brother.

Soundtrack: Nirvana, David Bowie, The Pixies, Mother Love Bone, Ned's Atomic, Dustbin, Milk, Primus, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, Soundgarden, The Offspring, The Flaming Lips.

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