Tensor Mullen Mag Uber Light Slider Trucks

Tensor Mullen Mag Uber Light Slider Trucks

$29.99 each
Mullen Mag Uber EX17 Lt Slider 5.0 7.75" Silver
In Stock: 10+
Price: $29.99
  • Color: Silver
  • Truck Sizes: 7.75"

The Tensor Mag-Light Mullen Uber Trucks are your high-grade alloy trucks and hardware. A Rodney Mullen signature truck. You know what that means. Tensor detailing throughout and Mullen signature printed at hanger. Uber Light and has a plastic slider pice that helps you slide better. Available in colorways as seen below.


  • Durable slider piece for longer slides
  • Lower kingpin to prevent snagging
  • Stable interlocking bushing for less wheel bite

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