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Super Heat is a revolutionary new trading card game built by skaters for skaters. Create the ultimate deck by collecting your favorite skater's cards to link together the highest scoring run. As an extra bonus each pack contains a rare collector card with athlete bio and photos. Collect all the cards for the ultimate line and play as your favorite skater. Featuring all 30 pro skaters, use the booster packs to enhance your Starter decks. Every booster pack is different and features randomly selected pro skaters. Each booster pack comes with 9 cards total

Booster Packs Contains:

  • 9 Cards per pack
  • 8 Game cards
  • 1 collector card

This deck contains only 9 of the 195 collectible cards; in order to collect all cards one must purchase each Starter Deck. Duplicates may exist within different Booster Packs.

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