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The Spy Discord Sunglasses are as disruptive as the era that inspired it. Kick the hornet’s nest, stir shit up. A little dissension goes a long way. Spy detailing throughout. Available in colorways as seen below.

Long-wave blue light is your new best friend! The Happy Lens was born of Spy's desire to enhance the quality of everyday experience- making people "happier" while at the same time providing the protection, style, optical clarity, and comfort for which they've come to be known.

Lens Specs:

  • Allows in long-wave blue light
  • Blocks and filters out "bad" rays, including UVA, B, and C rays
  • 15% VLT contrast enhancement
  • Suitable for bright days as well as overcast
  • Trident Polarized
  • Black mirror coating
  • Glare eliminating

Frame Specs:

  • Custom-built from high quality Propionate
  • 6-Base PC lenses
  • 100% UV protection
  • Frame Measurements: 57-17-145

Spy Happy Lens technology provides the ultimate viewing experience. Combined with an accurate, crisp, color contrast-enhancing lens and Trident Polarization technology, Happy Lens rivals any A-grade lens clarity on the market.

A growing body of scientific research on the benefits of a certain spectrum of sunlight inspired several breakthrough products to be developed in recent years, among which include light therapy boxes and windows for homes and buildings. Spy is the first eyewear company to bring the benefits of this research to sunglasses.

How the Happy Lens works:

  1. Sunlight is composed of both good and bad rays.
  2. Short-wave blue light and UV (ultra violet) rays are harmful for our eyes. The bad rays.
  3. Studies suggest that long-wave blue lights beneficial when it enters our eyes. The good rays.
  4. The first of its kind, the Spy Happy Lens is designed to let in long-wave blue light. The good rays! And it still blocks out the bad rays.
  5. Long-wave blue light promotes balance in the body's circadian rhythm, fostering a positive uplift in mood and alertness.
  6. There's more! The Happy Lens is also polarized and has unmatched color contrasting lenses.


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