The Spitfire F1 Cole AWOL Camo Wheels are a Chris Cole signature wheel from Spitfire. An F1 urethane wheel that's faster, lighter, cut for speed wheel. Cutaway, a lightweight shape, and a lasting speed. Spitfire AWOLs are made using pure F1 urethane and are designed with custom hand cut sidecut walls to survive the slidem burn faster, longer and now lighter. Ride the fire. Spitfire graphics at one side. Sizes available as seen below. Wheels sold in set of four.


Spitfire Bighead Wheels
48mm, 50mm, 51mm, 52mm, 53mm, 54mm, 57mm, 59mm, 63mm
Spitfire Classic Wheels
50mm, 51mm, 52mm, 53mm, 54mm, 55mm, 56mm, 58mm, 60mm
Spitfire Formula Four Classic 99a Wheels
50mm, 52mm, 54mm, 56mm, 58mm, 60mm
Spitfire Pentagram Wheels
52.666mm, 53.666mm, 54.666mm

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