Speed Demon Bearings ABEC 3

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Speed Demon ABEC3 Bearings are blue on both sides removable shields. New and improved oiled bearings. Grade 10 high carbon chrome allow steel balls, honed and polished to accuracy of 10 microns so they're perfectly round. Vacuum degassing to ensure that the carbon steel elements are accurately combined for the purest, hardest steel balls available. High tensile derlin cage that helps hold bearings in place, especially through heavy impact and allows for a longer lasting bearing. New light lubricant thick enough to make bearings last and light enough to not drag down balls as they spin around their race. 


  • Super fast, smooth, and strong with less overall weight
  • Hardened Rockwell C 60-62 titanium steel construction with derlin crowns for low friction
  • Double polished deep groove racers
  • Better stability, increased speed, and rolling resistance
  • Thicker IR and OR for increased strength and impact resistance

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