Skate Warehouse is bringing you top quality wood at affordable prices. If you skated one of our bamboo construction decks in the past, you'll know that we stand behind it strong. Fade decks, no matter what size, take on the Bamboo core construction. Made with 6 Canadian Maple plys, 3 on top and 3 on the bottom sandwich in 1 ply of bamboo, giving it strength while reducing weight. Medium to mellow concave give you a surface that you can easy find your sweet spots. The Skate Warehouse Go Skate Skateboard Deck in 7.5x31.25 comes with free Skate Warehouse Die Cut or Jessup Griptape. In some cases, background colors may vary.

Remember, when you purchase any name brand, regularly priced deck, you'll get $10.00 off of this deck. Welcome to the Skate Ware-Outs Program, where you benefit from supporting your favorite deck brand. Ware-Out a deck, and have a second one ready to ride.

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