The Sk8ology Carabiner Skateboard Tool in Red/Silver is money. This little contraption works great and travels easy. Clip it on and go. Sk8ology took your basic carabiner and added even more function to it by turning it into a skate tool. Has everything you need to tune up that set up. A 9/16" kingpin, 1/2" axle nut, 3/8" mounting hardware, dual phillips and allen driver, all sitting magnetically in the hollowed out arm of the carabiner. Did we mention a bottle opener? Yep. That too. A beverage opener on steroids that will also tune up your skateboard. Pure genius.


  • 9/16" kingpin
  • 1/2" axle nut 
  • 3/8" mounting hardware 
  • Dual phillips and allen driver
  • Screwdriver 
  • Tough magnetic holding system
  • Bottle opener



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