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Taking S.K.A.T.E. to the next level. Sk8 Dice For Ledges and Rails Edition, is a game. A fun one. It's perfect for total boredom and more skating! Here's what you do:

  • Roll the dice. The dice sport what you've got to do in text, so you could get something like, switch backside tailslide. Player gets 3 tries to make the trick
  • If Sk8 Dice appears once or twice, player may choose a variation from those dice except for the die with the amount of tries. Player automatically gets 2 tries if the die rolls Sk8 Dice or X
  • Another roll could give you this, frontside nose grind. Player gets 2 tries to make the trick (player can choose from regular, nollie, fakie, or switch)
  • If Sk8 Dice and X appears 3 times, player must use that die and add on a trick variation
  • Next you could throw, switch backside tailspin, fakie frontside tailslide, switch frontside tailslide, etc. (player gets 2 tries)
  • If 3 X's appear, exclude the 4th die and choose any trick
  • Now you've got to do any trick (player gets 2 tries)
  • If 3 Sk8 Dice appears, exclude the 4th die and take away a letter from yourself or give another player a letter
  • And so on... 
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