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The SOL REPUBLIC Deck Speaker in Gunmetal is the only wireless speaker featuring 360° Full Sound, Super-Power Wireless Range and Heist Mode, allowing up to 5 friends to pair at the same time and take turns controlling the music.  

Powerful Sound You Can Feel: Most portable speakers come with small speaker sound. Powered by larger R2 Sound Engines and a bass port, DECK delivers bigger sound than you expected.

360° Full Sound: Gone are the days of pointing the speaker at one person while everyone else get’s a sub-par hollow reproduction. DECK projects music at every angle, delivering great sound from anywhere in the room.

Heist Mode: For the first time ever, up to 5 people can pair at once and take turns controlling the music. Now, you can share your latest music find, stop your friends from playing bad tunes, or transform the party from a Barry Manilow love fest to a Rage Against The Machine riot. 

Outdoor Mode: Hit the Outdoor Mode button for a boost in sound you can hear further away.

Super-Power Wireless: No need to hover over the speaker with your phone. Super-Power Wireless gives you up to 300 feet of freedom to control DECK.

Stereo-In & Stereo-Out: Harnessing the power of your home or car stereo, connect DECK to any sound system or daisy chain DECKS together for a wall of sound by using our Stereo-Out jack. You can even connect your old school phone or music player with our Stereo-In jack.

NFC or Bluetooth pairing: Got a phone from the last decade? You probably have Bluetooth or NFC, putting you in wireless control of DECK. Tap and pair to join the party.

Battery Life: Get up to 10 hours of continuous play from a full charge.

Speakerphone: No need to run and grab your phone when a call comes in during the party. DECK moonlights as an undercover Speakerphone so all your calls can be hands-free.

Acoustically Transparent Slim-Fit Case: Transport and protect your DECK in style. Acoustically transparent fabric lets you listen to DECK while you protect it. 

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