Hate wearing pads, but those park monitors and cops bothering you? Here is your answer. S-One introduces soft pads. The S-One Soft Pads Elbow are comfortable, soft, thin, and will keep you from getting a ticket. If you don't normally wear elbow pads but are forced to wear them at your local skatepark, these pads are for you. You don't want to bail onto your elbows with these on because they only have 10mm of neoprene inside of the fabric. Although, 10mm of neoprene is better than nothing. Available in black. S-One logo throughout.


  • Soft, thin, and comfy
  • 10mm of neoprene inside

NOTE: This is a warning. These Soft Pads are very thin and very soft. Please be aware that these pads only offer minimum protection. If you fall onto these pads there is a good chance you will get seriously injured. These were designed for the skater who wants a minimum protection pad. Always skate within your ability.

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