Riviera Longboards

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Born from the idea that longboards are not just a surfers delight, Riviera is an alternative to all those existing surf-style companies. This year we've decided that it's time to give the longboard customer a new spin on an old product. Longboards have become a staple among people from all walks of life. From little kids, to college students cruising from class to class...Longboards are popping up everywhere. By offering something different for everybody, we've simply become "Everyone's Longboard Company"

Riviera Longboards
Riviera Beta Fish Drop-Thru Complete 9.5 x 38
Riviera Explorer Longboard Complete 10 x 41
Riviera Scout Micro Mini Complete 6.5 x 27
Riviera Kody Noble Zia Stick Longboard 9.188 x 36