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Out there in the brightest, most lively Cosmos there lives a Cosmic Wizard.  This Wizard thrives in a vast celestial sea of ethereal skate environments.  It is said that he rides a board that was shaped with ‘The Blade Of Unicorn” and destroys everything in his path, while simultaneously leaving trails of rainbows and meteor showers raining down from the heavens.  He has a pet billy goat named “Simon” that has an incredible skate style and feeds only on lime skittles.  Anyways, this board came into our possession during a recent lightning storm atop Mt. High, and now we offer it to you for your skating pleasures.  It is recommended that you bomb hills, hit pools and parks, grind curbs and smash beer runs with this galactic sword.


Board Size: 9.8 x 37.0
Griptape: Standard
Wheels: Divine City Slashers 64mm / 78a
Wheelbase: 18.875
Bearings: Abec 5 Speed Bearings
Trucks: Paris Street Trucks – 149mm

Riviera wheel color may vary. Please call for current availability at 1.800.GO.SKATE.



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