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It’s all in the name…with this sick little skate, you’ll be carving and slashing your way through life on the next level!  A sleek shape and perfect flex really give this board everything you need from a shorter freeride speed machine. Check out the info below to learn more about the Riviera Turner Longboard Complete 8.5 x 34 components.


  • Board Size: 8.5 x 34.0
  • Griptape: Standard
  • Wheels: Divine Road Rippers 70mm / 78a
  • Wheelbase: 24.5
  • Bearings: Abec 5 Speed Bearings
  • Trucks: Paris Trucks – 150mm
  • Art by Marco Almera Click for Riviera Artist Profile Marco Almera.

All Riviera Longboard Skateboards come standard with Paris Trucks. Paris Trucks are known for their sleek clean design, smooth carve and overall great quality. Riviera Longboard Skateboards wouldn’t dream of using any other reverse style kingpin truck. Why would they, when they're already use the best!

Divine Urethane is now the prime choice for longboard skateboard wheels, PERIOD! Riviera Longboard Skateboards has partnered up with Divine Urethane Co. and is now using Divine Wheels on all of their complete skateboards. Riviera already uses the best trucks on the market, so they decided to use the best urethane also.

After months of extensive testing Riviera is proud to announce their new Riviera SuperGlue Technology. The new Super Glue is a special resin glue that we use in the construction of all their decks, it’s lighter and stronger than your standard skateboard glue, it’s a skateboards “Super Glue.” Each number Super3, Super6, Super7, Super8 and Super10 represents the number of veneers used to press each deck. That being said, have a super day, now Go Skate!

Riviera developed a new layer of life with our Live Flex’ technology. Live Flex will give you the ability to lean farther into tighter turns and have you blasting out of corners and into new dimensions of speed. You’ll also enjoy the comfort factor that comes along with this feature during your freeride meanderings. Riviera's dedicated team of scientists removed the gall bladder of the rare lighting lizard of Botswana and milked out the speed and flex chromosome that has been injected into each ply. Carve your way through life with an extra burst of zip and unparalleled board response and embrace this new level of excitement during your sessions then sleep well with the knowledge you’ve gained by experiencing ‘Live Flex.’

Riviera wheel color MAY vary. Call for current selection, at 1-800-GO-SKATE.

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