The Ricta Rowley Chrome Core Wheels are your Geoff Rowley pro model wheels from Ricta. These are chromed cores with slim, lightweight shapes, a updated wheel with core embossed graphics, larger back graphics, and 81B White Lightning urethane and 78D durable cores. More than 18 months of research and development has created the White Lightning Formula, the world's highest performance urethane. More resistant to flat spots than any other wheel formula on the market and simply the fastest. Super fast with killer chrome cores. 52mm. Graphics at side.


  • Slim, lightweight shapes
  • Updated wheel with core embossed graphics
  • Larger back graphics
  • 81B White Lightning urethane
  • 78D durable cores
  • Fast

Colors are limited to specific size. See colors below for correlating size.

Wheels sold in set of four.

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