Along with all the Cush features, the Remind Insoles Medic Reflexology has a three layer foam impact system that includes Blue Magic Impact Foam, Strato foam and Cloud support foam resulting in all the impact and structural support needed.  The Medic offers a higher arch support that is engineered to give proper alignment while maintaining flexibility with the body's natural movements.


  • Maximum shock absorbing technology
  • Self-forming orthotic design
  • Bio-mechanically engineered for proper alignment
  • Supreme cushioning and protection for ultimate comfort and relief
  • Promotes correct posture, stacking of bones and joints, enhanced strength, endurance, balance, and stability
  • Anti-microbial anti-friction system that reduces hot spots, keeps feet cool, dry, and odorless
  • Helps reduce pain for Plantar Fasciitis, Flat feet, Peroneal Tendonitis, Heel Spurs, Bunions, as well as other foot  ankle and joint conditions where support is needed

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