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Remind Insoles Medic Medicinal has a three layer foam impact rebound system covered from toe to heel with “BLUE MAGIC protection. The Medic is made up of the highest quality materials from fabric to the foams that will withstand the heaviest of abuse. You can now have the confidence to jump down anything with its enhanced construction to endure the heaviest impacts and shock blows. Biomechanically and anatomically designed to correct the foot and body into proper alignment, the end result is: alleviated stress on the joints, better posture and circulation, enhanced strength and performance, and heightened balance and stability. Anti-microbial fabric system that reduces hot spots and blistering, and keeps the feet cool, dry, and odorless.


  • Superior foams, engineered for proper maximum rebound and shock absorption, three foams work together to absorb opposing energy from the ground and your body to distribute heavy impacts with a quick resilient snap back
  • The entire bottom heel to toe is "BLUE MAGIC" to absorb the heaviest of shock impacts and to help protect the heal and forefoot from bruising and injury without ever packing out creating the feeling of walking on clouds and the confidence to execute
  • Bio-mechanically engineered arch for proper anatomical alignment, bone and joint stacking system for better performance, enhances strength, balance, stability, and joint pressure relief that is caused from being out of alignment
  • Anti-microbial anti-friction system that reduces hot spots, keeps feet cool, dry, and odorless, excellent foot grip for enhanced control and stability
  • Deep heel-seat constructed with a 3 foam layer system that provides ultimate absorption, protects the heel against shock impacts and heel bruising, offers proper rebound for explosive quickness, faster reaction time, balance, and stability

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