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Remind Insoles Cush Phillips Eyes


MSRP: $30.00
You Save: $1.01

Doctor, Podiatrist, Remind, and Skate Warehouse recommended. The Bio Tech Cush 3/16'' Remind Insoles in Phillips Eyes are really your skate recommended self-forming orthopedic insoles. The beauty of insoles made to withstand whatever you've got going on and a totally rad look. The Remind Insoles are the only prefab orthopedic insoles that shape dynamically to the specific contours of ones foot. You get Remind's thermo-forming top-cover, an extremely durable rubberized foam to provide superb cushioning, an even pressure distribution of body weight, and a mold specific to your foots details. On top of that is the self-forming arch-support, a bladder construction filled with self-forming foam and high-grade gel that will shape dynamically to your foot. The gel-padded heel seat offers a deep heal-seat, padded gel, and protection for the heel against shock impacts, heel brushing, and will enhance support and stability. The viscoelastic gel is a high-grade impact absorbing gel that alleviates pressure points and provides ultimate comfort. Can you beat that? Available in red with eyeballs.


  • Biomechanically engineered by Orthofeet
  • Self-forming memory foam
  • Extremely durable rubberized foam
  • High impact absorbing Gel
  • Precise anatomical foot alignment
  • Maximized arch support
  • Supreme cushioning and protection
  • Foot, knee, and low-back pain relief
  • Ultimate comfort 

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