A sweet blend of classic Pro-tec styling and their revolutionary multi-impact SXP Liner technology, the Protec Hosoi B2 SXP Helment in Rising Sun Matte Black destroys all others in fit and style. A Christian Hosoi signature helmet, it sports ageless flare and three different ABS shell sizes, making the B2's fit unrivaled while the stainless hardware and soft tubular webbing straps provide the perfect blend of proven performance and style. The Multi-Impact SXP Certified Liners are lightweight, multi-impact helmets, CE/CPSC-certified, and still deliver the style and fit that customers deserve.

Protec has taken their B2 shell and slimmed it down to work with their exclusive soft 2-stage foam skate liner, giving you maximum comfort and a featherweight feel. Multi-impact SXP liners have built-in rebound control. Once the liners have been compressed, multi-impact SXP memory kicks in and the liner rebounds, maintaining its impact-absorbing qualities. Exclusive to the B2 model is Protec's Dri-Lex moisture management system that virtually eliminates dripping sweat. Dri-Lex is mastery over perspiration because of its hydrophobic (moisture-hating) polyester and hydrophilic (moisture-loving) nylon. This combination creates a 2-Zone Comfort Lining resulting in a push-pull effect that pulls perspiration off the skin and deploys it to the outer layer to rapidly dry. Dri-Lex is non-wrinkling, resists odor and mildew, is breathable, and quick-drying. Sports stainless hardware, soft tubular webbing straps, and a killer design. Detailing throughout.


  • Patented multi-impact material 
  • Ideal for aggressive riding style
  • Soft tubular webbing straps
  • Multi-Impact SXP Certified Liner
  • CE/CPSC-certified
  • Soft 2-stage foam skate liner
  • Built-in rebound control
  • Multi-impact SXP memory
  • Dri-Lex moisture management system
  • Christian Hosoi signature helmet



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