Ramp pads built to the highest industry standards. Protec raised the stakes with their newly designed Drop-In pads. The Drop In Elbow Pads from Protec are lighter, with a streamlined closure, more anatomically cut, and with an improved molded knee cap shape. Protec has also added natural suede embossed leather at key wear points. An all new dual-layered EVA foam interior takes the impacts and keeps the pads comfortable for all-day use. A new single layer back closure keeps the material from bunching behind the knee, while the new non-stretch nylon lower strap holds the pad in place. Equipped with a built-in wear indicator on the newly shaped knee cap so you know when it's time to replace the caps. The Drop-In pads are the pinnacle of transition protection. Constructed with Dri-Lex, a mastery over perspiration because of its hydrophobic (moisture-hating) polyester and hydrophilic (moisture-loving) nylon. This combination creates a 2-Zone Comfort Lining resulting in a push-pull effect that pulls perspiration off the skin and deploys it to the outer layer to rapidly dry. Dri-Lex is non-wrinkling, resists odor and mildew, is breathable and quick-drying. Available in black. Protec logo throughout.


  • Small/Medium 125-150 lbs
  • Large/XL 150-180 lbs
  • Improved molded knee cap shape
  • Natural suede embossed leather
  • Dual-layered EVA foam interior
  • Single layer back closure
  • New non-stretch nylon lower strap
  • Built-in wear indicator
  • Dri-Lex construction for non-wrinkling, odor and mildew resisting, breathability, and quick-drying

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