The Ace helmets from Protec have long been the most recognizable helmets in the park. The Protec Ace Skateboard Helmet Matte Grey sports increased venting, an aero-styled shell, and multi-impact SXP technology as the key features protecting the skulls of a few of their top skaters like Bucky Lasek and Steve Caballero. This is after all, a Steve Caballero signature helmet. Protec has taken their Ace shell and adapted it to work with their exclusive soft 2-stage foam skate liner, giving you maximum comfort and a featherweight feel. Multi-impact SXP liners have built-in rebound control. Once the liners have been compressed, multi-impact SXP memory kicks in and the liner rebounds, maintaining its impact-absorbing qualities. Multi-impact SXP are the only lightweight multi-impact helmets to be CE/CPSC certified and still deliver the style and fit that customers deserve. Stainless hardware, soft tubular webbing straps, and signature sticker pack round out this package also included. Available in black with red detail. Caballero signature at rear. Protec logo throughout.
  • Increased venting
  • Aero-styled shell
  • Maximum comfort and a featherweight feel
  • 2-stage foam skate liner
  • Multi-Impact SXP Certified Liners
  • Rebound control
  • Patented multi-impact material that is ideal for aggressive riding style


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