Penny 22" Purple/Black/Pink Complete Skateboard $89.99

Penny– The one and only original plastic skateboard. Oh, Penny we have missed you, but now you have finally returned! Emerging in the mid-1970s, plastic injection- moulded skateboards were one of the finest and stylish skateboards out! With its sharp turns and small surface area, the Penny 22'' Purple/Black/Pink Complete Skateboard is the perfect way to get you around town! Plus with its small size it never gets in your way and even fits in your backpack! S Dub is very pleased to announce that Penny is officially back, and they're better than ever! Having fun, bombing hills, carving down the street with the wind in your hair and the sun in your face.. that's Penny. Penny is the original and Penny is Back!


  • Penny Cushions, designed specifically for Penny Trucks
  • 3” wide high performance branded Penny Trucks with 87A super soft yellow bushings
  • 59mm 78A urethane cored super smooth Penny wheel 
  • High tensile bolts



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