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The Olloclip Telephoto Lens for iPhone 4/4s brings you closer to your subject, reduces glare, and makes colors more true to life! The Telephoto Lens delivers 2x optical magnification, so you can get twice as close to what you're photographing with your iPhone. Subjects will look larger and you can "zero in" on all the action. Olloclip detailing throughout.


  • Circular polarizing lens
  • Get rich color
  • Reduce reflections
  • Reduce glare
  • Rotate to adjust

The Circular Polarizing Lens is designed to let you adjust the degree of polarization. You can rotate the lens so you can capture the best image possible.

This superior quality Telephoto Lens is designed for anyone who uses an iPhone to take photos and video. It slips on and off in seconds, making it easy to get just the shot you want wherever you want.

The Telephoto Lens lets you isolate interesting subjects, offering a more creative depth of field, and you can use selective focus to make your subjects stand out more distinctly from their backgrounds. This is especially useful when the background is cluttered or distracting. 

This lens is a great tool for achieving a feeling of greater intimacy with your subject matter. When shooting portraits and close-ups, it eliminates distortionof facial features that can result from using wide-angle lenses.

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