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Capture the image you want, wherever you want. The Olloclip 4-In-1 Lens & iPhone 5 Case Space Grey/Black is a quick-connect lens and case solution for the iPhone that includes Fisheye, Wide-Angle and 2 Macro lenses in one small, convenient package that easily fits in your pocket – and the palm of your hand. It connects to the iPhone within seconds so you’ll be sure to capture the image you want. If you don’t see the picture you’re looking for, just flip it over to switch lenses.


  • Quick-Flip Case
  • Easy to clip on and use with your iPhone or iPod touch
  • 4 lenses in one: Fisheye, Wide-Angle, 2 Macros
  • Made from aircraft grade aluminum and precision-ground, coated glass optics
  • Works with all your favorite apps in photo and video mode

Lens Technology:

  • Fisheye Lens: The Fisheye lens captures approximately a 180° field-of-view and produces some striking images
  • Wide Angle Lens: The Wide-Angle lens is great for when you need that extra field of view, approximately double that of the normal iPhone
  • 10x Macro Lens: Choose the lens based on the level of detail you’re looking for. The 10x Macro Lens has an approx. 18mm focus distance
  • 15x Macro Lens: The 15x Macro Lens has an approx. 12mm focus distance. To access either Macro lens, simply unscrew and remove the Wide-Angle or Fisheye 

Case Technology:

  • Quick-Flip corner
  • Shutter release
  • Tripod Mount
  • Cold shoe mount

The Olloclip Quick-Flip Case, specifically designed to reveal the corner of your iPhone so you can quickly mount the Olloclip lenses- plus a removable Pro-Photo Adaptor for attaching a tripod or other photo accessories.

Olloclip uses precision ground, coated glass multi-element optics for the lenses. The barrels are made from aircraft grade aluminum using a CNC machine and then anodized. The iPhone attachment is made from a soft plastic material to ensure a secure fit every time. While high quality components like these are expensive to make, we believe our users appreciate a quality product that provides excellent results and is a pleasure to use.

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