Skate is part of Oakley's heritage, so when you hear they engineered a street pack with straps for your deck, your brain lobes probably won’t ooze out your ears. Although Oakley would love to catch that on video. The Oakley Streetman Backpack also carries your 15" laptop, your water bottle, your eyewear (in a soft-lined pocket), and even your sweaty and rain-soaked items (in a special wet/dry pocket). So slide it on, head out and mock urban zombies who still tote plain-old packs. This is the “Red Line” edition – it’s a custom job Oakley created with superstar Ryan Sheckler. Oakley detailing throughout. Available in colorways as seen below.


  • 100% polyester backpack
  • Interior slot for your laptop (holds most 15")
  • Dual straps for your skateboard
  • Fleece-lined pocket for your eyewear
  • Back panel pocket for wet & dry items
  • Pocket for your water bottle
  • Icon and logo accents
  • 19" H x 14" W x 5" D (22L capacity)
  • Ryan Sheckler signature Oakley backpack
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