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Oakley teamed up with Eric Koston, a legendary skate innovator and icon of urban style to create these limited edition sunglasses that salute the vintage roots of authentic design. Optimized with High Definition Optics, the Oakley Koston Frogskins Sunglasses sport a classic look that honors the era that redefined street style and brought action sports to the forefront.

Eric Koston has eared Gold in the X Games, Gravity Games, and Globe World Contest. The fearless master of street skate progression is also a genuine tastemaker- a style innovator who sets the pace for others to follow. Oakley is glad his creativity goes beyond four wheels and a deck because they had the honor of collaborating with him on this new Oakley Signature Series.

The Special Edition Frogskins have Brown Tortoise frames of durable yet comfortably lightweight O Matter, a Koston Emblem printed on the inner facing of one earstem, and are matched with Dark Bronze lenses that tune light transmission for bright sun, boosting visual contrast to give depth perception a kick in the right direction. Comes in a collectible bag with brown tortoise print, and the Microclear material is specially engineered for lens cleaning.

Classic cool is cranking up today’s look, so Oakley busted open the design vault to grab a coveted masterpiece from yesteryear. Frogskins were their very first dual-lens shades, and the pure look was inspired by the way their athletes approach life beyond sports. They brought back this Oakley creation to let vintage taunt vogue and give you the style of a true original.

The frame is made of O Matter, adurably lightweight synthetic that gives you dawn-to-dusk comfrot. Oakley's very first logo signs the side of each earstem for even more retro mojo. For you visionaries who want to stay focused, this radical resurrection is racked up with premium Oakley optics, courtesy of Plutonite lens material that maintains superior clarity while filtering out all UV. And here’s a mind-melter: Even though Frogskins were designed decades ago, they still pass standards for optical performance and impact resistance, thanks to High Definition Optics High Definition Optics.


  • Durability and all day comfrot of lightweight, stress-resistant O Matter frame material in Brown tortoise for this collectors edition
  • Classic logo highlight on each earstem


  • High Definition Optics for clarity, visual fidelity and impact resistance that meets all ANSI Z87.1 standards
  • XYZ Optics to extend clarity to the edge of a wide peripheral view
  • UV protection of Plutonite lens material that filters out 100% of UVA/UVB/UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm


  • Included: Collection specific Microclear bag for storage and lens cleaning
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