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Oakley Sunglasses start with sculptural physics and their unique three-point fit. Peer through Oakley sunglasses and see the vast array of performance treatments and lens tints that take the elements out of play. And rest assured: you get industry-best protection from the sun or flying objects. Some sunglasses protect your eyes. Others protect your image. But the Oakley sunglasses protect both. 

Who was the legend? He was sometimes a loner and sometimes a leader, an everyman who lived by a code. You wouldn’t call him a man’s man because that macho crap meant nothing to him. What you saw was what you got, including dust from the open road and a look that said he might be gone tomorrow because nothing could hold him. The name came from a similar inspiration. Holbrook is a small town found along historic Route 66. It’s a classic western badland that epitomizes a spirit of exploration and adventure found in those traveling along Highway 66 in the 50’s and 60’s.

The Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses in Steel w/ Dark Grey sport metal bolts and icons that highlight the stress-resistant O Matter frame, a comfortably lightweight design with pure Plutonite lenses that filter out every ray of UV. Optical precision and impact resistance meet ANSI Z87.1 standards to give you superior clarity and protection. Blue bolts at end pieces. Oakley detailing throughout.

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