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The Loud Classic Over Ear Headphones in Black are made from recycled plastics. As always they are COMFY and LOUD. For every pair of headphones sold Loud donates $1 to their Hear No Evil Project benefiting the deaf and hearing impaired. At Loud they are proud to say they have partnered with the cochlear implant foundation Let Them Hear to help put that $$ to good use.


  • Finish: White housings / mic and Dickies Blue wire / L jack.
  • Driver Unit: 40MM
  • Impedance:32ohms+/-15%
  • Sensitivity: 58dB +/-2dB 
  • Frequency Response:20Hz-20KHz
  • Max.Input Power: 50mw
  • Audio Jack:3.5mm, stereo,L Jack
  • Audio Adapter Converter 6.5mm Male Stereo to 3.5 Female 

LOUD Headphones and our Hear No Evil Foundation:

The Hear No Evil Project is one of the most important reasons why Loud Headphones has been created. Loud has made it their goal to sell headphones so deaf people can hear. Loud is donating $1 of each headphone sale directly to a cochlear implant foundation that can give the deaf a chance to hear. Now there is a way to give back the gift of sound that most of us take for granted. At Loud they are honored to say that they have partnered with the Let Them Hear Foundation.

A cochlear implant is a small device consisting of a microphone, transmitter and a speech processor that is surgically implanted. It helps provide sound to a person who is profoundly deaf or severely hard-of-hearing. The implant works for the majority of deaf people, but unfortunately there is a socioeconomic divide that prevents availability for people who want it but simply can’t afford it. The implant costs close to $40,000 in the United States and is not always covered by insurance. In some cases and especially with young children who are just learning to speak, intense speech therapy is required after the initial surgery and that is an additional expense on top of what is already a very expensive process. 

This is where CL implant foundation such as Let Them Hear can play a huge role in helping kids and adults regain their sense of hearing or simply hear for the first time. Inspired by charitable business models Loud Headphones has taken it upon itself to help people give back the gift of sound. So they can sell literally everyone in the world a pair of headphones! (insert villainous laugh here.

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