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Lost's The Pelagic Purple Fish Cruiser Complete in 10.5 x 32 is ready for the metaphoric open sea of concrete before you. Explore its depths with this solid set up. Ready to roll right out the box like hook, line, sinker. The Pelagic is inspired by an extreme concept surfboard. Using side-cut (influenced by snowboards) and a radical scoped out wing combined with a new "super swallow" tail Lost created a board reminiscent of a high speed, open ocean, Pelagic fish. Features Lost's exclusive surfboard influenced tip to tip "Continuous Rocker" mold with full concave deck and Caspian's "Roided mullet" graphics. Whether it's ditches, parks, curbs, or crowded sidewalks... the wide kick-tail, deep concaves, and 19'' wheelbase combined with the "Black Sheep" wheels means this board begs to be ridden aggressively. 

The Reverse-Kingpin set up raises the truck's axel to make room for a larger wheel and provide a stable ride while flying down the street. The reduced kingpin-to-board angle means  no speed wobbles, and the shallow kingpin nut let's you slash and grind without ever hanging up. Comes with a flippable hanger to tweak your boards ride for bombing hills or make it looser for for laying down short, carvy lines.

The Scorcher is a 68mm/78A carving-specific road wheel that features a grippy outer edge and a shallow, bevelled inner edge. Designed to cover long distances with even momentum, it's large diameter smooths out the ride on bumpy, rough roads. Great for the daily cruise or bombing hills.

Custom designed risers made from the same urethane as Lost's Black Sheep and Scorcher wheels. A bevelled base and urethane construction dampens vibrations and spreads load and shock over a wider area. Die-cut planet logo reduces weight and waste. Urethane nubs pre-load the trucks so they remain tensioned and keep bolts tight.

Really fast bearings for your skateboard equipped with a rubber shield that allows easy access for quick lube and a sealed backing to keep dirt out and speed in. Mind-blowingly fast Abec rating. 


  • 68mm 78A Scorchres wheels
  • Lost Shock Suppression System Reverse Kingpins
  • Black Sheep Bombers bearings
  • 2'8'' x 10 1/2''
  • 19'' wheelbase
  • 2 3/4'' nose
  • 6 3/4'' tail
  • Full Rocker mold
  • Grip
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