Kryptonics Wheels

Kryptonics was founded in 1965. In the mid-1970s the company introduced the Kryptonics Star*Trac line of wheels that were far superior to other wheels of that time. The Kryptonics urethane formula featured vastly improved rebound characteristics resulting in a much faster wheel. It was the first company to offer wheels in color coded durometers, and to use millimeter sizing. Kryptonics soon became the dominant wheel for all types of skateboarding, excelling on all types of terrain and winning more races than any other wheel brand. Nearly every top pro and amateur rode Kryptonics wheels, including many who were sponsored by other companies. The list of skaters who rode the wheels reads like a "who's who" of skateboarding greatness; Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Brad Bowman, Gregg Weaver, Bobby Piercy, David Hackett, Dennis Martinez, Ellen Oneal and countless others. Kryptonics was also known for its distinctive magazine ads throughout the 1970s. The ads we were the brainchild of Kryptonics Vice-President, Jim Ford, who also helped develop the original Kryptonics wheels. Classic ads such as The Force is Coming, The Force, We Blue It, Rock 'n Roll and Tired Of The Same Old Juice changed the way that skateboard products were advertised and set the standards for decades to come.
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