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This ceramic replica of the famed Burnside Skatepark Project in Portland, Oregon is the first in a series of DIY skatepark replicas. It's a custom molded ceramic box with Burnside park replica on top lid, and stash space below. The butts go up top, and the rest goes below. Top part nestles nicely into lower part. Burnside and Independent printed logos on one side. Always cool for non-smokers, works as a display piece just as seriously.

“Burnside's rise from junkie lair to its current glory was due to [...] years of sweat, toil, and piecemeal ingenuity by local diehards whom Mark [Red] Scott led to expand upon Bret Taylor's original impetus. Entirely unsubsidized, they laid down concrete and tested it as they went along until they achieved the desired result. It is a grass roots reclamation project that so positively changed the surrounding neighborhood that the city bestowed on [them] a citation for civic improvement. Burnside is an awe-inspiring pilgrimage site because the right fanatics built it for all the right reasons.” –The Answer is Never, A Skateboarder’s History of the World (2002)

Percentage of proceeds go to benefit the Burnside Skate Park.

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