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The Globe Geminon Orange Complete Skateboard in 9 x 35 incorporates the beauty of symmetry into a serious vehicle of reckoning. These roadsters ride low to the ground for greater stability, and have a symmetrical shape (so no front or back) ideal for free-riding. They all come with a fully color dipped and striped deck, and are versatile enough to cruise down hills of along the boardwalk. Know more: A. Drop-through for lower center of gravity. B. Drop-down for lowest center of gravity.


  • Size: 35'' x 9''
  • Construction: 8-Ply maple
  • Concave: Slight side-to-side
  • Trucks: 180mm Slant inverted
  • Wheels: 69mm 83A
  • Fully dipped
  • Top-mounted drop-through trucks
  • Striped deck for getting from A to B or boming hills

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