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Welcome to the buttery best. You can't go wrong with good old Girl butter. We're talking about the brand  new Pop Secret Decks from Girl, where it's all about big buttery Girly crunch. Over the years, Girl has rarely strayed from its place in the market, and we love them for that, it's why they're the best. They do their thing and we get our thing done. But when word got out that they were launching a new deck construction, we nearly spilled our bowl of popcorn out of sheer excitement, and we hate to spill... This is the Girl Anderson Pop Secret Deck. The Girl decks feature "Pop Secret", a fiber-lam top sheet and 6 sheets of hard maple. This deck is strongerstiffer longer, and has more pop. Hence the name. Girl gives us that old fashion taste with a new twist that should never die. Sweet, salty, and popped to perfection. A new, pop-infused, longer lasting board in the feel-good flavor of Brian Anderson.

Nutrition Facts:

  • Serving size: 8.12'' x 31.62''
  • Calories: Fiber-Lam top sheet, NO BULL!
  • Total fat: 6 sheets Hard Maple
  • Sodium: Salty, like we said
  • Potassium: Stronger, stiffer, and more pop
  • Total Carbs: Subtle stripes and goat graphic at top
  • Iron: Girl and Anderson graphics on bottom
  • Serving per container: Totally up to you. Get’em all!

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