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The Foot Print Knee Brace will change your life... if you are a skateboarder. This new innovative piece will prove to be essential for all street skaters. No matter how good you are at "rolling away" from a slam, the unprotected bones on the outer sides of the knee are always going to get bruised and scabbed when you roll. Foot Print recommends you buy one for each knee as you will not want to skate without them. One size fits most. Constructed of Bamboo Charcoal 21%, Cotton 28%, Nylon 16%, Spandex 18%, Latex 15%.

1. This easy to slip on article has kingfoam gold on the sides of the knees to stop the injuries and keep you skating longer which you will find to make a huge difference in your life.

2. It also acts as a non restrictive knee stabilizer. You can wear it inside out for less knee support and you will still get the slam protection.

3. Bamboo Charcoal is incorporated into it. Anti fungal and anti bacterial, bamboo charcoal considered a next generation nano technology fabric because the embedded bamboo charcoal emits electrical negative ions and far infra red rays which stimulate blood circulation and oxygen delivery to cells. This is known to increase performance and shorten fatigue times.

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