The Filtrate Basque Sunglasses are too big for their britches, even despite their slim size. A cool, quality shade from the folks at Filtrate. Filtrate detailing throughout. Available in colorways as seen below.


  • Stainless Steel, high quality, strengthened hinges
  • 100% UV Protection, with high quality polycarbonate for a more optically correct lens, polycarbonate is light weight and provides high impact resistance
  • Polarised polycarbonate lenses block out 99% of the polarised light waves, (water, snow and the road), while also blocking 100% of the harmful UV (UVA UVB & UVC) rays
  • High quality polycarbonate memory flex injected frames, Fltrate uses only high quality materials in all our frames to survive the good times and the bad
  • 6 – 8 Base frame curvature of the lens and/ or frame of a sunglass
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