Mike Vallely brings you the next phase in the evolution of skateboarding. Elephant Brand Skateboards offers every skateboarder pure freedom and creativity. 100% Skateboarding for love. For Fun. No rules, no divisions, no schools. Just a skateboard as a paintbrush and the world as an empty canvas. Elephant Skateboards was founded in 2011 and Mike Vallely has been involved in the world of skateboarding since 1984. Vallely was influenced by skating Tom Groholski's ramp, The Barn Ramp, both of which are located in New Jersey, and the Brooklyn Banks. He was groomed by Neil Blender, Lance Mountain and Stacy Peralta and was offered an amateur sponsorship deal with Powell-Peralta Skateboards, launching him into the skate industry. Over the years Vallely rode with World Industries, New Deal, TV Skateboards, Transit Skateboards and Black Label Skateboards. Between his first two companies, Vallely Skateboards and By The Sword, both of which are no longer in distribution, he rode for Element. Vallely rejoined Powell Peralta Skateboards between late 2010 and 2011 before launching Elephant.
Elephant Brand