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The Diamond Life Cruiser Complete Diamond Blue features a deck constructed of a combination of a non-snappable PolyProplylene (PP) and glass fiber reinforced material. This thing won't snap like a cheaper material plastic board used to save cost. You get what you pay for. The top of the deck is designed with a custom molded off set Diamond shape pattern for much better grip when you rip.


  • Ace Trucks: Proudly using authentic ACE trucks by Ace Manufacturing. Specifically using ACE size 00 trucks that have that perfect geometry for turning and stability. Ace trucks are all made with high end alloy metals, chromoly steel axles, kingpins, and use field tested urethane specifically designed for that perfect hardness.
  • Diamond Head Hardware: Diamond added more detail by designing the top of the deck with a Diamond shaped screw head. They sit perfectly flush with the deck inside a diamond shaped insert molded into the top of the board.  
  • Wheels: The Highest grade urethane used to make these so they are Super Fast. There is no comparison between a low end urethane wheel and high end urethane wheel.  Diamond used the best of the best for performance and durability. 
  • Diamond Smoke Ring Bearings: These are Super High end bearings using a special design in the construction that was engineered to make them much faster and smoother than most bearings. They give even the beloved Swiss bearings a run for their money.

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